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Five Signs of Water Heater Trouble

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Five Signs of Water Heater Trouble

With cold weather returning to the Greater Lafayette, IN area, the last thing you want is a cold or non-functioning water heater. Instead of being caught off guard with cold water mid-shower, have our licensed plumbers check for these symptoms of potential failure.

Noise problems: While some sounds as the water heats are normal, loud cracks and pops indicate an interaction between the heating elements inside the water heater and the scale and mineral deposits built up on them.

Temperature Issues: Always taking cold showers? Your water heater may be filled with large amounts of mineral deposits, limiting the amount of hot water it is able to produce.  

Age: Check the age of your water heater by looking for a manufacture date or model number on the unit. If your water heater is 10 years or older, it’s only running at 50% of its efficiency. New Energy Star models can provide a nearly 20 percent energy savings compared to their older, less energy efficient counterparts. 

Leaking Water:  If you see water around your heater, call a licensed plumber as soon as possible. A water heater that is leaking water has an internal failure and will require immediate repair or replacement. 

Water Quality Issues: Cloudy water coming out of the tap? Calcium and magnesium deposits can accumulate in your tank and cause cloudy water. If your water is rusty or has a metallic taste, rust inside your water heater might be the culprit.   

If your water heater has any of these symptoms, our expert Lafayette plumbers are here to help. We can repair, service, and install many popular water heater brands. For the ultimate in energy savings and water heating potential, we recommend a Bradford White Infinity Tankless High Efficiency System as a replacement.

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