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Summertime Tips to Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

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Summertime Tips to Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

With traipsing down Mosey Down Main, canoeing across the Wabash, or visiting the TAF gallery exhibits (and more), Tippecanoe County residents have many reasons to leave home and enjoy the outdoors.  Even though we’re spending less time at home this summer, our plumbing systems are still getting a work out. High usage (or improper use) can lead to many problems, especially with garbage disposals.

The Farmer’s Markets in both Lafayette and West Lafayette Indiana offer many summertime delectable, such as fresh corn, onions and other “stringy” vegetables. Who doesn’t love corn cooked on the grill? But disposing fibrous husks via a garbage disposer can clog the drain. And in a worse case scenario, excessive usage to grind the husks can burn out the motor entirely. 

Here is a list of other summertime goodies that you should either compost in your garden or pack up with your regular garbage:

  • Celery and Artichokes. Like corn, these vegetables are very fibrous, and tend to tangle and jam the garbage disposal motor.
  • Lettuce. Likely to be chopped into smaller pieces, however the fibrous material sticks to drain lines.
  • Potato Peels. Gritty texture. May wrap around the garbage disposer blades, thus causing the motor to bind shut down.
  • Onions. Membranes stick to the sides of the disposal and wrap around the shredder ring.
  • Banana peels. Another fibrous material that may wrap around disposer blades.
  • Fruit Pits. Cannot be condensed down by a garbage disposer and will create damage to the disposer.

While you’re grinding summertime foods this year, try this tip to keep your garbage disposal not only running properly, but thwart any unpleasant odors from building. 

  1. Freeze pure lemon juice, vinegar or a biodegradable cleaner.
  2. Place the frozen concoction down the garbage disposal.
  3. Turn on the disposal until ice is thoroughly ground.

The ice will clear any food that has built up along the blades that may keep them from grinding food properly.

Have a happy summer! And if your garbage disposal experiences any problems, our plumbers are here to assist. And if it needs replacing, we recommend a 1/2 HP Insinkerator garbage disposers as a starting point.

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