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Let There Be Light! A Guide to Your Home’s Electrical Problems

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Let There Be Light! A Guide to Your Home’s Electrical Problems

As the sun throws light across your living room, you set your book down to watch the rays dance across the floor—another peaceful Sunday afternoon. And then it happens for the fifth time this week! You hear the low buzz and then you’re surrounded by darkness—another fuse blown.

You see a light bouncing down the hallway as your husband holds his flashlight ready for battle with the breaker, grumbling all the while…

If this situation sounds familiar, you may need maintenance on your electrical work. Flickering lights, blown fuses, and outlets that don’t work could be indicators of more serious electrical problems. At Lafayette Mechanical Services, we know how frustrating it can be when your electrical wiring doesn’t function properly. With over ten years of experience, Lafayette Mechanical can help you tackle your most serious electrical problems.

For more information on why your breaker is constantly tripped, read below.

An Overloaded Circuit Can Spell Disaster

The air conditioner has turned on, the dishwasher is lowly humming in the background, and you just switched on the television…only to be met with flickering lights. 

If your lights dim or flicker briefly or infrequently when you have multiple, large devices running at once, this is generally not a problem. As a larger device starts up, it draws energy from the circuit, which could cause an initial drop in voltage and cause your lights to dim.

If the flickering continues, your circuit may have too much strain on it, which could cause an overload and shortage.

Loose Wiring Could Be a Potential Fire Hazard

If you have flickering lights in your house, generally in one location, loose wiring could be to blame. Loose connections within an outlet or breaker can cause your electricity to arc. This means that there are one or more gaps within the system that the electricity is forced to jump over.

Since the electricity is forced to jump over gaps, this can create a great fire hazard. Loose wiring can be left to smolder within walls, causing extensive property damage and the threat of catching fire.

Fluctuating Voltage

The standard American home gets between 110-125 volts delivered to their sockets from a transformer. This should remain constant, even if you have large electrical appliances plugged in.

If you experience flickering lights, unexpected light dimming, or are forced to constantly change light bulbs, you may need to have your voltage checked by an electrician in Lafayette, Indiana. If your voltage reads anything higher than 125, your electrical devices could potentially be damaged, and you can also receive a higher electricity bill!

Your Electrical Meter is at Fault

Though electrical meters supply our homes with power every single day, they are not always perfect. Sometimes power can flow into the ground, leaving you with a high bill and less usable power.

To ensure your electrical meter is not leaking electricity, a trusted electrician should check your meter. Leaking meters should be reported to your energy provider, to guarantee professional and speedy fixes.

Contact an Electrician in Lafayette, Indiana for Proper Repairs

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you’re trying to relax without worrying about your home’s electrical wiring. The thought is almost out of your mind when it happens—the lights flicker again.

Don’t live with faulty and potentially dangerous wiring; let Lafayette Mechanical Services take a look! With expert technicians and free estimates, our goal is to secure your home’s wiring so it functions as efficiently as possible. Call (765) 427-7863 for immediate help!

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