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Christmas Light Safety Tips

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Christmas Light Safety Tips


The holidays are here and that means it’s time to start spreading holiday cheer with your friends in Lafayette!  While decorating is fun, remember to practice Christmas light safety when setting up and using your lights. The increased use of electricity can cause problems, especially when lights are handled improperly, and can burn or set fire to decorations and homes.



  • Use lights that have been tested and approved by a testing laboratory such as UL.
  • If you can, use smaller Christmas lights. The traditional larger bulbs burn hotter.
  • If you’re putting lights up outside, make you sure you outdoor Christmas lights. These lights will note on the packaging whether they’re made for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Plug all of your outdoor electrical decorations into a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
  • Never use tacks or nails to secure your lights. Instead, secure them with insulated holders or run them through hooks.
  • When you leave home or go to sleep, turn off your Christmas lights.
  • Do not put Christmas lights on a metal tree. Not only can the tree become charged and shock someone but it can short out the lights and cause a fire.
  • Replace burnt out bulbs as soon as possible and with bulbs of the same wattage. 


Stay safe this holiday season by following these tips to minimize electrical problems. If you would like to have a ground-fault circuit interrupter installed, our Lafayette IN electricians are here to help. 

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