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Let There Be Light! A Guide to Your Home’s Electrical Problems
As the sun throws light across your living room, you set your book down to watch the rays dance across the floor—another peaceful Sunday afternoon. And then it happens for the fifth time this week! You hear the low buzz and then you’re surrounded by darkness—another fuse blown. You see a light bouncing down the hallway as your husband holds his flashlight ready for battle with the breaker, grumbling all the while… If this situation sounds familiar, you may need maintenance on your electric...
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I called Lafayette Mechanical Services with request. Dan Mobley scheduled the repair on a Saturday, which worked great for our busy M-F work week. Dan was very professional and accommodating, and he fixed our plumbing issue within an hour. My mother-in-law was impressed with his courteous and respectful attitude. She said that it was actually a pleasure to have him in our home. If you need an expert in plumbing or electric, give Dan a call.

Karla Shelton, Lafayette Indiana Homeowner