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The days of having one television, one or two ceilings lighting fixtures and basic kitchen appliances are long gone. Today, in our gadget-filled world, we enjoy multiple, large screen televisions, computers, game stations, luxury bathrooms, multiple kitchen appliances, and all the latest electrical gadgets that make life easier and more enjoyable.

With these amenities comes complexity. Homes are “more wired” than ever before. And your home is your haven. Not having your electrical systems, kitchen appliances or electronic gadgets working properly or up to par can be a hassle, causing stress to you and your family.

Today’s wired homes need electricians with the skills, training and experience. Hiring Lafayette Mechanical Services to perform electrical work in your home can improve not only the safety of your home, but increase its market value. Lafayette Mechanical Services can take care of most electrical repairs, maintenance or installations, from outdoor lighting, GFCI circuits and service panel upgrades, to electrical troubleshooting, installing ceiling fans, switches, outlets and much more.

Find a commercial electrician Lafayette IN

We invite you to consider Lafayette Mechanical Services. We provide both residential and commercial electrical needs to homeowners and businesses in the Tippecanoe County area. Lafayette Mechanical is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

Full Service Electrician and Plumbing Services

There is no need to call a plumber -- we offer both plumbing and electrical services. Our combination of licensed mechanical services makes the installation of plumbing with electrical components, such as kitchen appliances, whirlpool bathtubs or acrylic steam showers, a seamless experience. And we are happy to provide copies of our licenses and references upon request.

See additional information about our electrical services below. Don’t see the electric service you need? Contact us with your request!

Plumbing Drains – Repair and Replacements

A specialty of Lafayette Mechanical Service! We repair, install and replace existing cast iron and copper drains with PVC.

Electrician Services


Lafayette Mechanical electricians professionally install outlets, switches, doorbells, intercoms, TV cable lines and jacks, phone lines, garage door openers, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, and more. Don’t see the electric service you need? Contact us with your request!

Kitchen Appliances

Our technicians install new garbage disposal units, dishwashers, stoves, cooktops, and any other appliances that require an electrical or gas component. See our Plumbing Services section for additional information.

Electrical Service Upgrades

An electrical service upgrade provides the potential to add more electrical circuits in your home. This is typically required for any new enhancement or addition to your home, such as: 

  • Adding or upgrading air conditioning (A/C) unit 

  • Adding a double oven, hot tub, swimming pool

  • New home additions, such as family room or sun porch

  • Kitchen renovations

New service is required if your home is unsafe due to age or water damage.

Electrical Wiring

Since the late 1970’s copper wiring has been designated as the best wire to be used in electrical systems. Due to safety risks, aluminum wires were phased out because they present fire hazards with overheating and sparks. If you have aluminum wiring in your building, please call us for a free estimate.

Lighting – Fixtures and Fans

Our licensed electricians specialize in the installation of lighting fixtures, ranging from low voltage lighting to track lighting to fluorescent fixtures. Here is a light of some of the lighting projects we perform:

  • Ceiling hung fixtures 
  • Ceiling fans 
  • Wall sconces 
  • Can lights 
  • Chandeliers 
  • Track lights 
  • Low voltage lighting 
  • Motion sensor lights 
  • Fluorescent lights 
  • Heat lamps, bath 
  • Shower light fixtures 
  • Switches and dimmers

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only enhances the aesthetic of your home, but it can add to the market value as well. Our professional electricians provide an expert outdoor lighting installation for years of safe and trouble-free service.

  • Entry lighting – Increase the light your entry areas such as front doors, pathways and garage doors for safety and security. 
  • Flood lighting - Enhance the outdoor visual of your landscaping appeal with flood lights. 
  • Holiday lighting – Light up your home with festive lights and displays. Call us for an installation or safety inspection for peace of mind during the holidays. 
  • Motion detectors – Secure your home with security lighting, which detect visitors to areas around your home.

Commercial Electrical Inspections

We carry out full electrical safety reports for Lafayette Indiana businesses and commercial entities. Our electricians will expertly examine potential property for faults and safety issues, and we will make recommendations that we believe are necessary. Written report are provided, including detailed information on areas that need immediate attention as well as long-term electrical recommendations for the property.

Maintenance and Repairs

Flickering lights? Circuit breakers constantly trip? Switches and outlets that don’t work? These are all things you should be concerned about since it may indicate serious electrical problems. Our licensed electricians will troubleshoot any problems and maintain your electrical systems to protect your home and family.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor- Lafayette, IN

Does your bathroom need remodeling? The first question every Lafayette Indiana homeowner should ask is, “Will this remodeling project pay off?” No remodeling project should be undertaken without thinking about the home’s resale value. And especially in today’s real estate market, homeowners cannot afford missteps. The outcome of the project may determine if the house will sell, or not.

Fortunately for homeowners, bathroom remodels yield a high rate of return on the investment. If done right, returns can average as high as 80%. However, sometimes less can be more. Oftentimes a new toilet, a new shower faucet, and new sinks and faucets offer the best bang for the buck. In other situations, an outdated bathroom may need extensive remodeling, including new bathtub, new shower, new flooring, new lighting and more. To get an estimate, please contact Lafayette Mechanical for a free consultation.

I called Lafayette Mechanical Services with request. Dan Mobley scheduled the repair on a Saturday, which worked great for our busy M-F work week. Dan was very professional and accommodating, and he fixed our plumbing issue within an hour. My mother-in-law was impressed with his courteous and respectful attitude. She said that it was actually a pleasure to have him in our home. If you need an expert in plumbing or electric, give Dan a call.

Karla Shelton, Lafayette Indiana Homeowner